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Worcester County
Libertarian Association



Monthly WCLA Meeting: Every 3rd Sunday of the Month at 6PM. Meeting address:Tweeds Pub Restaurant, 231 Grove St.,Worcester, MA.

Monthly Libertarian "Meet Up": Every 4th Wednesday of Month at 8PM. Meeting address is Starbucks Coffee, Goldstar Blvd.,Worcester, MA.

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WCLA Meeting Location & Directions

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The Worcester County Libertarian Association is a group of libertarians located in Central Massachusetts. The goal of Libertarians in general is to hold government to the limits set in the Constitution by our country's founders. The WCLA concentrates specifically on applying libertarian principles to local issues in Worcester and Worcester County, on creating and developing town and ward committees, and on seeking to run and elect Libertarians to as many local, state, and national positions as possible.

Contact the WCLA at:
WCLA, c/o Professor George Phillies
For information on libertarian principles, visit the home page of the national Libertarian Party,